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Philip Ashton

Philip Ashton (click on image for larger file size)

“I think planners have been really curious about what makes a vibrant public space. Like a sidewalk that’s still full of people, some of them sitting outside dining.”

Phil Ashton, associate professor of urban planning and policy, on the value of attractive public spaces and the special taxing districts used to create them, June 5 WBEZ-FM


“There’s nothing better than preparing students for that next step after high school and then making them feel confident and comfortable in their academic skills, that they can do it.”

Cynthia Barron, clinical assistant professor and coach in the Urban Education Leadership doctoral program, on the resources students need to succeed in college, June 7 PBS “Newshour


“Our last day at the clinic, the niños came up to us and gave us hugs and cute little homemade cards. When I had six kids wrapped around my neck, I knew this was something I wanted to do again.”

Ben Youel, a new graduate of the College of Dentistry, on his extramural rotation at a dental clinic in Guatemala, June 3 Northwest Herald

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