Announcing SABER: Open-Access Computational Cluster

Dear faculty, staff, and students:

We are glad to announce that UIC’s first open-access computational cluster, SABER, is now available.

If you are experiencing computational, data storage or networking bottlenecks on traditional user/lab workstations and/or you are considering using cloud for your research, SABER can be an effective solution both in terms of function and cost.

SABER will operate on a pay-per-use basis, providing researchers with the flexibility to pay for used time/storage and ensures a good return on investment. For a limited time, during the onboarding process we will provide, at no cost, up to 500 core-hours of compute time, 25 GB of storage and free installation of essential software.

Researchers can learn more about SABER specs, our competitive rate structure and order process here.

Since 2014, the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research (ACER) group at ACCC has been providing computational researchers with high-performance computational, data storage, networking and training resources. In the last twelve months, we successfully collaborated with UIC researchers to get two NSF awards totaling $1.1 million for various cyberinfrastructure resources. See award announcement here.

Please forward this announcement to anyone else who may find this opportunity of interest. We welcome your suggestions, inquiries and feedback at


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom
UIC Vice Provost for IT & CIO

For more information, please contact:
Himanshu Sharma

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