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An artificial, bio-inspired leaf

February 12, 2019

Moving artificial leaves out of the lab and into the air

Capturing carbon dioxide – a potent greenhouse gas — directly from the air

woman looking at test tubes, wearing goggles and white jacket

February 8, 2019

New UIC center aims to improve research impact

UIC Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science aims to speed delivery of proven interventions and programs

woman typing

February 7, 2019

UIC to lead $3M initiative to develop system to identify, patch software security holes

The system will be designed to evaluate software written in several computer languages

February 6, 2019

Heavy drinking in teens causes lasting changes in emotional center of brain

Consequences of youthful drinking extend into adulthood

Doctor measures the height of a study participant

January 28, 2019

UIC gets $12M to continue largest study of Latinos

Looking deeper into the ‘Hispanic paradox’

Doctor measures the height of a study participant

January 28, 2019

UIC obtiene $12M para continuar el estudio más grande de los Latinos

Mirando más profundamente a la ‘paradoja hispana’

Terry Vandenhoek

January 28, 2019

2018 UIC Inventor of the Year Terry Vanden Hoek

Terry Vanden Hoek’s work focuses on preventing death from cardiac arrest

Deepak Shukla

January 28, 2019

2018 Researcher of the Year Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is well-known for contributions that clarify how the herpes simplex virus-1 causes inflammation

Tanya Berger-Wolf’s Researcher of The Year photo, sitting with arms folded

January 25, 2019

2018 University Scholar Tanya Berger-Wolf

Tanya Berger-Wolf studies social, behavioral traits of animals

Shanghai Nanpu Bridge

January 10, 2019

Making city infrastructure more resilient

UIC civil engineer recommends reducing demand and building new only when necessary

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