Be patient







“If I were advising the mayor, I would have advised him to be patient for a couple of days.”

Dick Simpson, professor and head of political science, on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to seek an injunction against striking Chicago teachers, Sept. 16 Reuters news service

“The problem isn’t so much if the teachers strike. The question is how long they strike and on what terms it’s settled.”

Dick Simpson, professor and head of political science, on the political implications of the Chicago Teachers Union strike, Sept. 9 Chicago Tribune

“When you increase speed limits, you have an increase in the severity of injuries.”

Lee Friedman, assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences, on the new 85 miles per hour speed limit on a Texas toll road, Sept. 9 Wall Street Journal

“But the link that’s missing is, we assume in those integrated neighborhoods people’s attitudes toward each other are better, their prejudices and stereotypes can get broken down by the contact … but that’s the million dollar question, is that actually happening?”

Maria Krysan, professor of sociology and member of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, on racial integration in Portland, Ore., Sept. 5 Portland Tribune

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