Black Student Union creates virtual community amid pandemic

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Black Student Union (BSU), an organization that desires to maintain academic responsibility, cultural awareness, community engagement and Black students’ rights, has had it shift its focus to virtual events during the pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19, BSU would gather for the Heritage Ball, open mics and sip and paints. However, uncertain times have resulted in cancelations or a decrease in student attendance. To change this, BSU has successfully been collaborating with other UIC organizations to draw attention to the importance of togetherness in these hard times.

“We understand the importance of togetherness and Black students are not only affected by the pandemic but also by the continued racism and BLM movement, and we do highly recommend services from UIC Counseling Center to help students,” said Ashaley Hassel, president of Black Student Union.

Students can get more involved by attending virtual events and interacting via social media. There will be a virtual event collaboration with UIC Chaarg on March 18 focusing on women’s issues and dynamics on and off campus. Click here for more information.

The purpose of BSU and its events is to provoke awareness of local and international issues of interest to the Black community.

“Members and students at UIC are all fighting a cause and trying to change the culture of the campus. There are social issues and dynamics at the university that all the students and faculty who’ve taken action with us, understand that change starts with us,” Hassel said.

Follow the organization on Instagram here and Facebook here.

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