Blackboard course shells

On Friday, Feb. 18, summer course shells will be available when you log in to Blackboard. Course shells will be empty, so you must either copy your course or build your new course. You can see your summer course under upcoming courses. Please note that students are not yet added to the course. When added, they do not see your course until you make it available. 

If you copy your course from previous terms, all you have to do is clean anything you don’t need. You can perform the copy yourself or request a course copy to be made by CATE-LTS. The sooner you do this, the better your course can be by the start of the term. Learn more about Blackboard online.

If you are not copying from a previous course, you can follow this video to learn how to customize your clean Blackboard course shell.

Additionally, you can request to import the official university template. 

If you cannot see your summer course, it means that you have not yet been assigned as the instructor to the course in Banner. Please verify that the process has been completed by your department head to see your summer course in Blackboard.

You can always contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence for questions on how to improve your use of Blackboard and other instructional technologies.


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