Blackboard instructor webinar series

Blackboard is hosting a series of webinars on everything from the basics of using Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate to improving student engagement and building mobile content.

Most UIC courses in Blackboard offer the Original course view, in which you can control the course menu that appears on the left side of the window, but some instructors have started to use the Ultra course view, in which all of the course content appears in the main part of the page. Those two views offer a different experience to instructors and students. There are webinars for both experiences, so be sure to select the topic for the course view that you use.

The first round of webinars has already begun, and each will be repeated several times through the end of June. You can register and find webinar descriptions on the Blackboard Instructor Webinar website.


Click on a topic below for more details:

  1. Blackboard Learn Basics Ultra
  2. Q&A with Experts: Blackboard Learn Ultra
  3. Blackboard Collaborate Basics
  4. Blackboard Collaborate Beyond the Basics
  5. Q&A with Experts: Blackboard Collaborate
  6. Grading and Managing the Gradebook in an Ultra Course
  7. Creating Assessments in an Ultra Course
  8. Improving Student Engagement Ultra
  9. Guide to Building Mobile Content
  10. Q&A with Experts: Blackboard Learn Original
  11. Using Groups in Blackboard Learn Ultra
  12. Grading in Blackboard Learn Ultra
  13. Ultra Advantage – Converting Original to Ultra
  14. Blackboard Best Practices
  15. Exemplary Course Program Intro

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