Blackboard LTI integrations can improve the student experience

The primary use of the Learning Tools Interoperability standard is to allow a seamless connection between a web-based tool that is outside of the learning platform and the learning platform itself. LTI allows a secure exchange of information, which enables users to access a tool without having to navigate and log into a different platform. Instructors place LTI links in their Blackboard course and, when their students click on the link, their email, name, and student role is included in the request to access the tool.

LTI links act as gateways to textbook publisher products, academic learning activities, virtual science experiments, immersive 360° virtual field trips, etc. By expanding the capabilities of Blackboard courses, LTI paves the way for achieving a plug-and-play, future-ready digital learning ecosystem.

Instructors can request a third-party tool integration by using the UIC Help Portal and submitting a request. Before submitting a request, instructors should read the LTI Policy and FAQs document to understand the requirements and the process. Instructors can contact the LTS Support Office if they need help getting the information needed to make the request.

The approval process for each tool that instructors request to integrate with Blackboard includes reviews for functionality, accessibility, security, FERPA, legal, support cost, as well as other factors as applicable. See the Rubric for the LTI Review and an example of the rubric applied to evaluate a sample request. Because of the technical, accessibility, security and other university policy requirements, the time between form submission and installation of the app on Blackboard Learn may vary from four to eight weeks.

Instructors planning on using a new LTI integration in the fall semester should submit a form no later than July 1, to allow ample time for processing. For more information on the LTI Integration Process, contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence LTS Support team at

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