Call for proposals: Discovery Partners Institute-Argonne Joint Seed Grants

The Discovery Partners Institute and Argonne National Lab invite faculty from the University of Illinois System, researchers from Argonne National Lab and other partner institutions to submit seed grant proposals to conduct joint research on topics outlined below. Our goal is to leverage the complementary research expertise and resources from both organizations to develop the next generation of technologies with inspiring impacts on science, the economy and society.

Proposals should demonstrate the ability to advance fundamental knowledge in research technologies, including those in computing and data, with potential for industry application in one or more of the following sectors:

  • Energy-Water-Food Nexus.
  • Energy Infrastructure and Transportation.
  • Climate and Sustainability.

Proposals should draw upon the advances in technologies, including the applications of data analytics/computing technologies, to problems facing these sectors in order to address important societal challenges in the Chicago area and beyond. We encourage applicants to consider the impact of their work on underrepresented communities in the Chicago area. We expect proposals to be interdisciplinary and substantially well-rounded to address the broader aspects and impacts of the problems tackled — for example, through the active participation of researchers from the social sciences and humanities, art, design, education, law or public policy.

Due Date: June 1, 11:59 p.m.

Funding available: Proposals can request awards of $250,000 for a target period of up to 24 months. $125,000 is reserved for salary and expenses of the team from University of Illinois campuses. $125,000 is reserved for salary and expenses of the team from Argonne.

Information Session and Team Facilitation Meeting
DPI will hold an information session from 9-10 a.m. May 11. The meeting will include an informational presentation and include time for questions and answers. The second half of the meeting will be devoted to facilitating team formation.

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