CATE Summer Institute

Cate summer institute

CATE invites all UIC instructors and teaching assistants to participate in the Summer Institute, which is re-launching this month with all five asynchronous, on-demand Blackboard learning modules immediately available.  

The Summer Institute learning modules are designed to help UIC instructors in preparing to teach this coming fall. Each module takes about two hours to complete. Topics include:

  • Module 1: Creating Equity and Inclusion, in which we explore the principles of inclusive pedagogy and learn how to apply them in Flames Flex learning environments, which include online and on-campus instructional modalities.
  • Module 2: Enhancing Student Engagement, in which we identify ways to implement learning activities designed to increase student interaction and engagement.
  • Module 3: Creating a Learning Community, which provides strategies to establish a supportive community for students to succeed in your course.
  • Module 4: Implementing Authentic Assessment describes approaches to designing meaningful and significant measurements of student learning and mastery of course learning objectives.
  • Module 5: Leveraging Technology integrates concepts from the first four modules and empowers instructors to choose educational technology that creates a student-centered and flexible learning environment aligned with your teaching needs.

With the completion of each module, we invite you to participate in the online discussion forums, engaging with CATE staff and your colleagues to discuss instructional challenges and brainstorm solutions accounting for diverse disciplinary contexts, differences in course structure, and nuances to the modality of instructional delivery. 

Please also consider joining us for one of two synchronous Zoom sessions facilitated by CATE staff to further discussions on ways to engage students equitably, leverage appropriate technology, and maintain the quality of teaching no matter the mode of instruction. 

  • Synchronous Session 1: Friday, August 13 | 12 – 1 PM
  • Synchronous Session 2: Wednesday, August 18 | 2 – 3 PM

Zoom links will be made available through Blackboard for those who register for the Summer Institute. 

Please visit the CATE Summer Institute website to register for the Blackboard course using your NetID. If you already registered during the Kickoff Meeting held in the spring, you need not register again and may access the Blackboard site at any time.

Please also check out other resources that the CATE team pulled together this summer to support your teaching this fall, including new teaching guides, on the Flames Flex Instruction website.  

For questions about the Summer Institute, please contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) at

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