Circle Interchange website launches

In a few days, the first phase of a colossal, four-year, multi-agency, $475 million project to renovate the Circle Interchange will begin. The landmark transportation structure, completed a few years before a namesake university campus opened for classes, has never been upgraded and is now regarded as the worst traffic bottleneck in the country.

The Circle Interchange Project is also tied to planned improvements to the CTA Blue Line, several nearby bridges, and UIC campus gateways.

A new webpage has been created to keep students, employees, patients, and visitors apprised of construction progress as well as all reroutes and closures. It will be updated regularly and includes links to IDOT, City of Chicago and CTA websites that may also be helpful.

Questions and concerns can be sent to

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We hope you look forward as we do to what should be a major improvement for Chicago and UIC.

Mark Donovan
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Michael W. Redding
Executive Associate Chancellor for External and Government Relations

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