Cities in trouble







“It does not look pretty. It’s not going to look pretty over the next three or four years. It’s a long-term structural problem, and cities need to think of new ways to collect resources to fuel their services, or they are only going to be in worse trouble.”

Michael Pagano, dean of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, on the property and sales tax revenue shortages that have led three California cities to declare bankruptcy, July 15 Los Angeles Times

“What do we know about problem solving, critical thinking, argumentation and teamwork in terms of how are they real, how do they get developed, are they general or are they specific?”

James Pellegrino, co-director of the UIC Learning Sciences Research Institute and distinguished professor of psychology and education, on a National Research Council report on “deeper learning,” July 14 Epoch Times

“There’s likely to be a bitter confrontation and a teachers strike. And the following year is like dropping off a cliff. There’s nothing left to buffer the cuts.”

Dick Simpson, professor and head of political science, on what the next year in office will bring for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, July 15 Chicago Sun-Times

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