College of Dentistry wraps major building improvement project

From left: Capital Development Board’s Mike Wilson, Andrea Bauer and Blanca Arteaga and UIC’s Dr. Robert Barish, Chancellor Michael Amiridis, Dr. Clark Stanford and Dr. Susan Rowan. (Photo: Chris Bevel)

A ribbon-cutting ceremony July 17 celebrated the completion of a four-year construction project to renovate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the UIC College of Dentistry building.

“The ability to have a comfortable environment for patient care, student learning and discovery science is critical to achieving our mission,” said Dr. Clark Stanford, dean of the college.

The project began in March 2015 but was stalled a few months later due to state budget issues. It restarted in September 2017. In addition to improving the HVAC system, the $20 million state-funded capital project replaced many older ceilings and lighting fixtures and provided a new sprinkler system in the building, which is located at 801 S. Paulina St.

The renovations provide significant benefits to the university and the public.

“This was really a team effort, with our whole community chipping in and tolerating the inconvenience without complaint, for the good of our students and patients,” said Dr. Susan Rowan, executive associate dean of the College of Dentistry. “So much happens between our four walls, from education and research to general and advanced specialty care. Temperatures prior to the project could negatively impact patients’ welfare and, finally, now we can say our internal climate is pleasant.

“Our facilities team, our IT team and our entire community really put up with a lot, and they deserve all our thanks and gratitude,” Rowan said.

“Thank you to the State of Illinois, the university and the incredible, hard work of so many in the building, the contractors and the College of Dentistry staff in achieving this very important goal,” Stanford said.

The Capital Development Board and UIC faculty and staff give a thumbs-up to the temperature inside the College of Dentistry building at 801 S. Paulina St. (Photo: Chris Bevel)
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