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Nikhil Bommakanti with lab equipment

April 23, 2013

UIC bioengineering student wins Goldwater award

His ambition: earn an M.D./Ph.D., eventually head a biomedical engineering lab

emergency services personnell work on a patient

April 16, 2013

Program aims to reduce frequent ER visits

Helps patients manage their complex health issues

Dr. Saul Weiner

April 15, 2013

Patients go undercover to record encounters with doctors

Study finds improved outcomes when physicians consider patients’ life circumstances.

Neuron microtubules

April 15, 2013

Scientists learn what makes nerve cells so strong

Unique modification to microtubules makes nerve cells’ cytoskeleton singularly robust.

Song Yuyu

March 20, 2013

Body’s own defenses might stop ALS onset

A chemical found in cells may be harnessed to help the body fight neurodegenerative disease.

Using a coin to scratch off a lottery ticket

March 19, 2013

New lottery game benefits MS research

A new Illinois Lottery game announced at UIC will bring over $1 million for multiple sclerosis research.

Students on Match Day

March 19, 2013

Medical students meet their match

More than 160 UIC medical students learned their fate: where they will train for their medical residency.

students hugging after getting their med school matches

March 11, 2013

Match Day at UIC

March 15 is a big day for fourth-year students in the College of Medicine.

Jennifer Lim, patient, and a medical student

March 5, 2013

Seeing is believing with new eye surgery

UI Health is the first center in Chicago to offer non-surgical treatment for a common eye disease.

Dr. Subhash Pandey

March 5, 2013

Gene activity links anxiety, alcohol use

Research suggests new targets for drugs to combat alcoholism and anxiety.

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