Conduct online sales safely at UIC Police Station

UIC Police safe exchange zone

With the holiday season in full swing, UIC Police remind campus community members that they can conduct online purchases safely at the Safe Exchange Zone.

“The police department is providing a safe environment for people to make safe exchanges,” UIC Police Chief Kevin Booker said.

The Safe Exchange Zone is a secure environment, open 24 hours, on the first floor of the UIC Police Department, 943 W. Maxwell St. There, people can conduct services such as online exchanges, child custody exchanges, and more.

“Throughout the city, there’s been an uptick of incidents happening when people are exchanging items with an unknown person,” Booker said. “Students have this resource and should utilize it.”

Free parking is available for visitors in designated parking spaces adjacent to the police station.

Booker recommends that students be aware of surroundings and conduct online exchanges in well-lit, highly populated areas if not at the Safe Exchange Zone.

For more information on the Safe Exchange Zone, contact the UIC Police Department at (312) 996-2830.

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