COVID-19 University Travel Guidance

Currently, travel is not restricted due to COVID-19. Travelers are advised to review UIC travel guidelines. Please make note of any testing requirements upon your return from traveling. Information about on-campus COVID-19 saliva testing is available here.

As of Monday, December 5, 2022 the University COVID-19 Pre-travel Unit/department Head Approval Form will no longer be required for travel, T-Card reconciling, or reimbursement. According to standard university practice, the university requires faculty, staff and students traveling for essential university business to obtain prior approval from their unit head.

All members of our UIC community are encouraged to comprehensively assess the risks and essential activities that may require university-sponsored, domestic out-of-state, or international travel. Please note that the International Travel Safety Policy remains in effect. This policy requires all student, staff and faculty traveling internationally with UIC-authorization to enroll their travel using the International Travel Safety website

Should travelers be asked to make a commitment to an event or speaking engagement that requires travel months in the future, individuals are advised to request unit head approval and if approved, to accept the invitation with the understanding that travel guidance for the destination may be impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Please note that this travel policy is subject to change based upon any continued developments in federal, state or local guidance (Updated: 12/2/22).