Crews begin inspecting concrete facade of University Hall

University Hall

Workers will test University Hall’s concrete facade over the next four months, gathering information to repair the building. Photo: Timothy Nguyen/UIC News

Crews began inspecting the University Hall facade this week to determine the best way to repair the building’s concrete.

An inspection team will work from scaffolding outside the building to test the surface of the concrete, said Bill Bradford, project manager in the Office for Capital Programs.

“Looking at the building, you can see where some of the concrete has fallen off but they will go up and down the façade of the building and identify not only the spots you can see from the ground, but they also will test the other parts of the concrete,” he said.

The inspection, conducted by Ratio Architects and Construction Technologies Laboratory, is scheduled to be completed within four months, Bradford said.

Crews will remove concrete samples and loose pieces of concrete, using hammer drills that will be heard inside the building.

“There’s going to be a little bit of noise and we appreciate people’s patience and cooperation,” Bradford said. “In the long run, this will really be to the benefit of the campus.”

By December, architects should have completed a plan for repairing the building. Once the plan is approved, the university will bid for contractors and proceed with repairs, which are expected to begin in 2016, Bradford said.

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