Crisis training

Amy Watson

Amy Watson, associate professor of social work, talked about crisis intervention team training on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight.”


“[It’s] another nail in the coffin of the false idea that mobile hunter-gatherer bands are pacifists.”

Lawrence Keeley, professor of anthropology, on the discovery by biological anthropologists researching in Kenya that unearthed skeletal relics of what the oldest-known instance of small-scale warfare in Kenya, Jan. 20 Science News.


“If you want to reduce smoking of young adults, you want to limit the domains when and where they can smoke, and where they can purchase tobacco. Those tools work best when they’re working together.”

Jidong Huang, senior research scientist at the Institute for Health Research and Policy, on city legislation proposing to raise the minimum tobacco-purchasing age to 21, Jan. 19 Chicago Tribune.


“We need to make sure that dispatch is probing and asking difficult questions, that is, getting more information from the caller, who is in crisis, who’s in distress.”

Amy Watson, associate professor of social work, on crisis intervention team training, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.


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