Cure for violence?


“Violence should be seen as a disease: It is interruptible and treatable,” says Gary Slutkin (left), professor of epidemiology.

“It is not about good and bad people. Violence should be seen as a disease: It is interruptible and treatable.”

Gary Slutkin, professor of epidemiology, on his approach to treating violence like a disease, May 18


“The ways that racial discrimination and racism still show up in the daily lives of people who still have to send their kids to public school, for example, makes it easy to look longingly back into the past.”

Michelle Boyd, associate professor of African-American studies and political science, on life 60 years after the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, May 17 NPR Weekend Edition


“The skill development system has broken down in some important ways for production workers.”

Howard Wial, executive director of the Center for Urban Economic Development, on reasons for the “skills gap” in manufacturing, including manufacturing companies’ refusal to offer the training and pay raises available in previous decades, May 19 Crain’s Chicago Business

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