Cybersecurity Awareness Month wrap-up


UIC Technology Solutions is happy to report the success of this year’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month at UIC.

Every year, Technology Solutions develops an engaging campaign to raise awareness about cybersecurity, helping the UIC community spot scam emails, keep safe from harm, and report them to our security team.

This year’s theme, True Stories, used real-life scam email scripts sent to UIC’s community of students in hopes of tricking them out of personal information and funds.

Cybersecurity Quiz Winners
This year’s NCSAM campaign included a weekly quiz, through which students were able to test their knowledge on weekly material, as well as participate in a random drawing to receive one of four $50 gift certificates to the UIC Bookstore. We received over 2,000 quiz submissions.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to our winners:

  • Week 1: Jonathan F.
  • Week 2: Mary T.
  • Week 3: Destiny B.
  • Week 4: Sofia P.
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