Discover Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View

Blackboard Learn, UIC’s learning management system, has made significant improvements in functionality over the past several years. One of those improvements has been the addition of the Ultra Course View. Early adopters have been attracted to the new features in Ultra, including tools that are not available in the Original Course View, like Progress Tracking and Discussion Analytics. This video shows why UIC instructors are using Blackboard Ultra Course View.

For a detailed reference guide and comparison of both the Original Course View and Ultra Course View features, please see the Current Comparison Chart updated periodically by Blackboard.

Visit the new section Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence website to learn if the Ultra Course View is right for you.

If you are ready to take the next step in creating a course in Ultra View this summer for your fall courses, please make an appointment with a CATE instructional designer. During the scheduled consultation, we will discuss the differences between the two views as well as help you determine whether Ultra View meets your course vision and goals.

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