Diverse UIC

A crowd of UIC students on campus

I love the diversity that exists at UIC. The student population consists of so many nationalities. I can’t say that for all schools, but as for UIC, we set the bar for a multi-ethnic school in Chicago. We have students who come from all four corners of the earth. I sit in some of my classes as the only African American but when I look around there are other individuals who are the only representation of their race.

The common ground for us all still remains that we are here to learn. I think that the diverse surrounding creates the positive atmosphere that exists on this campus.When I see people of different nationalities socializing, I see the world paving the way for a new age. The age of recognizing the benefits of uniting countries.

What makes a diverse school so valuable is the different perspectives that each student may have. Since different nations don’t share the same views on different issues, a diverse school brings those views together. Although the views are not the same, the respect and understanding for one to another should never cease. We all learn from each other. The problem with a one-race school is that they all for the most part agree with their peer’s opinion because of the background they share. That task becomes difficult for two people who come from different countries or nationalities because what my African American mother taught me is different from what a Asian American mother teaches her son.

I’ve learned so much from other races. It has altered my way of thinking about different countries and certain values of that country. But, isn’t that the point of a diversity? There are some things that are misunderstood about nations. When you think about the nation wars that are present in the world, it makes me wonder how much misunderstanding is the cause.

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