Unemployment multiplier effect

Joseph Persky

Economics professor Joseph Persky talks about the multiplier effect when manufacturing and corporate jobs are lost in the Chicago Tribune.

“For each job, you lose about another job.”


Economics professor Joseph Persky on the multiplier effect when manufacturing and corporate jobs are lost, Aug. 28 Chicago Tribune



“Some people see increased residential density and less sprawl as good for the environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and revitalizing a downtown by bringing in new pedestrians who can use public transportation and have less need for a car. But these things can get shunted to the side by residents who see these new projects as a way for a developer to make money off their backs.”


Rachel Weber, associate professor of urban planning and policy, on recent suburban battles over development, Sept. 1 Chicago Tribune



“I always did like dancing, but I really couldn’t do it until I got on skates.”


Jared Rugen, sophomore in business, who’ll compete with Team USA in the team dance event at the 2015 World Roller Figure Skating Championships in Colombia Sept. 15-27, Aug. 31 Daily Southtown


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