English degree: show me the money

hands holding money

Think you’re headed nowhere with your English degree? Think again.

Recent studies have shown that 91 percent of liberal arts majors are employed after graduation. For English majors, this also includes a wide range of career opportunities. The top money-maker is communications management, which has a median salary of $88,498, and over $5 million of 30-year earnings.

Yes, believe it, your English degree can be worth millions of dollars. Among the other top-paying and common career opportunities for English majors are speech writing, which brings home a median salary of $78,011, and web content management, which has a median salary of $79,674. It looks like you can tell your parents you won’t be moving in after graduation.

Many other professions are available for the techniques obtained by English majors. All of those hours spent detailing literature and writing essays will prove beneficial in your future. Companies, especially in this day and age, are in need of individuals with analytical and professional writing skills. Among those professions, which are also top payers, are grant writer, nonprofit director, film production assistant, business communications specialist, computer marketing, lawyer, environmental specialist, legislative aide, public relations specialist and advertising copywriter, just to name a few. The best part is that there’s more. Technical writers for corporations have a median salary of $65,500, with a 15 percent projected 10-year growth, and those jobs only require a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position.

It’s time to silence the people skeptical about your future with an English degree. Writing has become a treasurable skill that has proven to be highly employable post graduation, of which your English degree has prepped you for. So hey, looks like your degree will pay off and you’ll be able to pay back those student loans after all.


Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in media, cultural and rhetoric studies. She hopes to practice and master an assortment of mediums, including screenwriting, writing for the New York Times, lifestyle blogging, fiction and radio broadcasting. Bernie has a passion for creating and sharing stories. The heightened diversity of the city atmosphere surrounding UIC is perfect for her. Bernie’s side hobbies are indulging in TV shows (specifically Scandal, Girls and Law and Order: SVU), interior design and Instagram. 

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