Arte Útil/ Useful Art: Case Studies from the Chicago Area – Workshop with Tania Bruguera and Alistair Hudson

Date / Time

November 18, 2019

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

An open workshop featuring artist Tania Bruguera and members of the Asociación de Arte Útil to analyze case study projects from the Chicago area for entry into the Arte Útil archive. The workshop will reflect upon the historical context and contemporary social art projects in Chicago and their applications. Participants include Stephen Wright (Environmental and Energy Study Institute, Paris) and Alistair Hudson and Leanne Greene (Asociación de Arte Útil and the Whitworth, Manchester, UK). This is a chance to participate in the decision making process and learn more about the expansive international network of Arte Útil. Support for this program is provided by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

FREE with RSVP! Click the link below:

This program is inspired by the current exhibition “Arte Útil.” “Arte Útil”, as defined by artist Tania Bruguera, is “an idea of art as a tool for social change”. Initiated by Bruguera, the Asociación de Arte Útil is a growing international network of people and activities that promote this idea.  The project exists primarily as a growing online archive of hundreds of case studies from around the world that exemplify the concept of “Arte Útil” across categories such as urban development, science, economy, environment, and education. The archive is activated through exhibitions, meetings and exchanges that further interrogate the idea of ‘useful art’.  This Chicago iteration of the Arte Útil Archive is presented within the former library of the historic Hull-House, reactivating the room as resource for local neighborhood groups, artists and activists to exchange knowledge that may prove useful in the local context.

“Arte Útil” (9 Sep, 2019–05 Jan, 2020) is commissioned by the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial, …and other such stories, curated by Yesomi Umolu, Sepake Angiama and Paulo Tavares.

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