Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Date / Time

March 15, 2024

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Program: Me4Me Program

Session: Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Description: Would you like the chance to have your questions about autism and autism spectrum disorders asked and answered? Come to the first class session to hear about the basics of autism. What are the most common features? How does communication and behavior vary across the spectrum? You will hear about how you and your family can best support your loved one through acceptance and support and about the skill building services available in schools and communities.

Guest Speaker: Susan Kahan, MA, LCPC (she/her)
Developmental Disabilities Family Clinic
Institute on Disability and Human Development

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Funding is provided in whole or in part by The Autism Program of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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