Crip Coffee Break: Mental Health at UIC

Date / Time

February 8, 2024

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join us for a conversation about mental health and student experiences at UIC. We will be debriefing the Unlearning Ableism: Mental Health is Disability Justice discussion that happened Jan. 30, and having an informal conversation about experiences, resources and ways students find support. If you didn’t go to the Unlearning Ableism discussion, no worries, that’s not required! Come share and connect with others about any thoughts you have about mental health and UIC!

About Crip Coffee Break

DCC’s Crip Coffee Break is a chill and comfy space to meet people and take a break. Crip Coffee Break is an intentional space for people who are disabled or who are exploring their own relationship to disability identity. We define disability and disability experience broadly to include any kind of body or mind that doesn’t fit into cultural norms about what a bodymind should be and do. Come as you are! We’ll put a pot of coffee on and we have snacks as well as tea/hot chocolate.

COVID-19 safety: UIC does not require masking, but we are still masking in our spaces as an accessibility measure for chronically ill/immunocompromised folks and those living interdependently with them. Please wear a mask! We’ll have extras on hand. People may be sipping/eating and then replacing their masks. Zoom is another Covid-cautious option.

Access Information: The DCC is located on the 2nd floor, which is accessible by elevator. CART will be provided. We use fragrance free products in the DCC, but UIC is not a fragrance-free campus. To maintain a low-fragrance environment, please refrain from wearing scents to DCC events. Let us know about any other access requests at or 312-355-7050.

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