Disability in STEM: A Cross-Campus Roundtable

Date / Time

March 12, 2021

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Disability in STEM: A Cross-Campus Roundtable

  • Abimbole “Yemi” Bankole, UIC, Medicine
  • Sabrina Jamal-Eddine, UIC, Nursing
  • Sam Schroth, Northwestern, Medicine
  • Jesse Stern, UChicago, Computer Science

Friday, March 12

3pm-4:30pm CST

RSVP at bit.ly/DisabilitySTEM (case sensitive)

Access Info: Live captioning will be provided. Contact sreitzes@math.uchicago.edu with any other access requests.

[Flyer description: Orange, maroon, and white text on a deep blue background, with concentric white and blue circles. At the top are logos for the UIC Disability Cultural Center and the University of Chicago Graduate Recruitment Initiative Team.]

The University of Chicago GRIT Disability Team, together with UIC’s Disability Cultural Center, will be hosting a virtual Disability in STEM Roundtable with speakers from UChicago, UIC, and Northwestern University. Panelists will have the space to share their experiences with disability and ableism in STEM disciplines. 

Some questions guiding our discussion: 

** Ableism in STEM

How does ableism show up in STEM? 

** Another STEM is possible

Have you had any good experiences, the kind of experience that acts as a model for what is possible? What set of conditions would make your work and your training accessible to you? 

** Where there is oppression there is resistance

What strategies have you leaned on? What has been sustaining for you?


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