Surviving academic hyperproductivity: A conversation for instructors with Mimi Khúc

Date / Time

April 12, 2024

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Join the UIC Women’s Leadership and Resource Center and Disability Cultural Center in person or via Zoom for a conversation with Mimi Khúc, PhD, on unwellness/wellness and pedagogies of unwellness. This session has faculty and graduate instructors in mind and will ask questions such as, How do we hold our commitments to generating knowledge, transformative pedagogy and our own wellness in environments centered on productivity rather than care? As Khúc asks, What structures need to be in place to shift my relationship to work, to writing, to my needs, to my capacities?

Khúc is a writer, scholar and teacher of things unwell. She is co-editor of The Asian American Literary Review and an adjunct lecturer in disability studies at Georgetown University. Her work includes “Open in Emergency,” a hybrid book-arts project decolonizing Asian American mental health; the Asian American Tarot, a reimagined deck of tarot cards; and the Open in Emergency Initiative, an ongoing national project developing mental health arts programming with universities and community spaces.

This event is hosted by the Women’s Leadership and Resource Center, Disability Cultural Center and Department of Disability and Human Development. It is co-sponsored by the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, Global Asian Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for the Humanities and Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence.

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