“Estamos Listos! AfroColombia and Centering Black Narratives”

Date / Time

March 15, 2022

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Join the Black studies and Latin American and Latino studies departments for the fourth installment of the TalkBack Tuesdays virtual series on Blackness in Latin America. This interdisciplinary series features five scholars with expertise across Latin America — Brazil, Colombia, and Cuba. Each event provides an opportunity for participants to explore the historical and contemporary narratives about Black communities in Latin America.

The March 15 series on “Estamos Listos! AfroColombia and Centering Black Narratives” will be led by Digna Paola Mosquera. Digna Paola Mosquera was born and raised in Chocó, a predominantly Black state in Colombia. She is a first-year master’s student in economics at Howard University and this is her first time in the United States. Digna Paola studied management engineering at Universidad Nacional in Colombia, a public University in Colombia. She is a Martin Luther King Program fellow, where she was able to learn English in 2014 and is a current Fulbright grantee. Digna Paola identifies herself as an Afrofeminist from the peripheries. She is part of the Wiwas Collective in Medellín that seeks the vindication of Black people’s legacy in Colombia. Register online.

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