In Our Own Words: Crip Coffee Break with Euree Kim

Date / Time

April 13, 2022

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


In Our Own Words: Crip Coffee Break with Euree Kim!

Wednesday, April 13

3 p.m.


Access info: CART and ASL will be provided.

Please contact or 312-355-7050 with any other requests.


Euree will share about an op-ed they wrote, “Our Fight for Disability Justice Must Also Confront War and Militarism.” The article talks about the entanglement of militarism, capitalism, and ableism, highlighting Mitsubishi, a Japanese multinational corporation who used forced labor to operate the military business during the colonization. In conclusion, it asserts that militarism is inherently ableist and should be abolished in the long run. (Content notes: This article discusses violence including torture, policing, enslavement, eugenics, and exploitation.)

In Our Own Words is an intentional space for people who identify as disabled or who are exploring their relationship to disability identity. Come meet one another and Euree for a chat!

Euree Kim (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, and researcher. Euree’s works seek to navigate the complicated realities of how disabilities are produced, perceived, and represented in the face of critical sociopolitical issues. Euree is a co-founder of project ACP, a grassroots project to address state violence against people with disabilities, and recently started a new project on militarism, disability experience, and remembrance.

About the intentional space: We define disability and disability experience broadly to include any kind of body or mind that doesn’t fit into norms about what a bodymind should be and do. This can include physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, psychological and/or mental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, chronic illness, chronic pain; it can include Crohn’s, dyslexia, neurodiversity, madness, et cetera. And we welcome those in our community who think they may have a disability but aren’t sure. Whether you have an official diagnosis or not, this space is yours.

*Are you wondering about the word “crip”? Read the explainer on our website.


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