Loving Greek Culture in New Rome: Hellenism in Byzantium

Date / Time

March 14, 2021

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


In celebration of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution, the Classics and Mediterranean Studies Department at the University of Illinois Chicago, under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in the USA and in collaboration with HALC, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, and the Consulate General of Greece in Chicago, is pleased to present “Philhellenism through the Ages,” a two-part series that will explore the impress and influence of Hellenic culture from antiquity to the present. In part one (February-May), four online conversations with scholars will lay an intellectual and historical foundation for the very idea of Philhellenism and its varied expressions in the past, to think ultimately about how it played a key role in the formation of the modern Greek state.

In the second conversation, “Loving Greek Culture in New Rome: Hellenism in Byzantium,” our own Professor Young Richard Kim will discuss with Dr. Anthony Kaldellis, Professor of Classics at The Ohio State University, the persistence and perseverance of Greek culture in the eastern Roman Empire, known today as the Byzantine Empire, and how the idea of Byzantium influenced the Greeks on the eve of the Revolution of 1821.

This Facebook Live conversation will include a time of Q&A from the audience.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/hellenicleaders

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