Making Waves: Eastern European Film Club

Date / Time

November 21, 2022

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Making Waves: Eastern European Film Club at PRLS, School of LCSL is pleased to invite you to the screening of “Night Train” by Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Interested in watching movies, talking about movies and learning more about the diverse cinema of Eastern Europe? Come and join us at ‘Making Waves’ – UIC’s new film club focusing primarily on the extremely diverse and underrated cinema of Eastern Europe.
Why the title? In addition to screening contemporary films from the region, one of the main goals of the club will be to reappraise and focus on arthouse classics from when many of these countries were a part of the Eastern Bloc. “New Wave” cinema from Western Europe remains to this day relatively well-known: the French and British New Waves, Italian Neorealism … In sum, cinematic movements intent on breaking with old creative traditions in favor of something new and exciting. As such, a major purpose of this club will be to highlight the fact that in the post-war context, certain “New Waves” were also breaking out all over Eastern Europe, marrying their newly innovative cinematic styles oftentimes with an intently political tinge. We would be thrilled to have you join us as we rediscover these wonderful films, journeying through rich cinematic histories and traditions that frankly remain rather underrated.
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