Navigating the Interface of Computer Science and Linguistics

Date / Time

January 27, 2021

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Nigel Flower, UIC alum with MS and BS in Computer Science, PhD student in Linguistics at New York University, will be our special guest on Jan 27 Wednesday 4-5PM (central time) as part of a “Linguistics and Its Interdisciplinarity” talk series.

This event is a 20-minutes presentation followed by free conversation. The theme is “Navigating the interface of computer science and linguistics.” Nigel is uniquely positioned to share insights and resources from a student and up-and-coming researcher’s point of view. Before pursuing linguistics at NYU, Nigel studied and worked with Dr. Barbara Di Eugenio (Computer Science) on projects of NLP, studied and worked with Dr. Luis Lopez in Hispanic Linguistics and was long-time professional tutor for Chinese and Japanese. Besides experiences in linguistics and computer science as well as their interface, Nigel is remarkably multilingual (Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, among others) with superb proficiencies in these languages and ability to perform linguistic analyses.

Organized by the Department of Linguistics.

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