River of Welcome/Rio de Bienvenida

Date / Time

June 3, 2023

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


With support from the E(art)H Chicago grant, the Freshwater Lab at UIC and artists from the Chicago Public Art Group will celebrate the installation of permanent artworks that reflect the history, ecology and possible futures of Canalport Riverwalk Park. Join us to engage with this unique stretch of the Chicago River, enjoy a wide range of activities and booths, meet neighbors, and share stories.

The afternoon will offer visitors many opportunities to engage the park and the Chicago River system, participate in activities, and join the movement for a safer, healthier South Branch.

This event is free, open to the public and kid friendly. Seating and snacks will be provided.

Safety and accessibility: We are committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive, safe and accessible to everyone. We do not tolerate any harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, body size, appearance, age or national origin. To request special accommodations, submit questions or provide feedback, email thefreshwaterlab@gmail.com.

Getting there: The Canalport Riverwalk Park is located at 2900 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago. The use of public transportation is encouraged where possible. There are two entrances to Canalport Riverwalk Park: one on Damen Avenue and one on Ashland Avenue at 29th St. Parking on and entering the park from Ashland Avenue is recommended. It is legal to park on either side of Ashland Avenue near the Canalport Riverwalk Park. A pathway to the park runs between QTS Data Center and the river. We will be gathering closer to Ashland Ave. in the circular area with benches.

Description of grounds: Entrance to the park begins at the traffic light at Ashland Avenue and Chicago Sun Times Drive. The pathway is smoothly paved. Within the park, there are one or two places of broken concrete closer to the Damen Avenue side.

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