“The History of Slavery, Rights of Black Women, and Racism in Brazil”

Date / Time

March 1, 2022

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Join the Black studies and Latin American and Latino studies departments for the third installment of the TalkBack Tuesdays virtual series on Blackness in Latin America! This interdisciplinary series features five scholars with expertise across Latin America — Brazil, Colombia and Cuba. Each event provides an opportunity for participants to explore the historical and contemporary narratives about Black communities in Latin America.

The March 1 series on “The History of Slavery, Rights of Black Women, and Racism in Brazil” will be led by Gabriela Barretto de Sa. Gabriela Barretto de Sa is an assistant professor at Bahia State University, Brazil. In 2018, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Population Studies Center and conducted field research on slavery in the Northeast and U.S. South. In 2014, she taught at the University of Colómbia Law School. Her first book (2019) “A negação da Liberdade: direito e escravização ilegal no Brasil oitocentista (1835-1874)/ The Negation of Freedom: Law and illegal Slavery in Brazil” addresses 19th century Brazilian cases of illegal enslavement. Professor de Sá’s current book manuscript is based upon her doctoral research on slavery, Black women, and the right to memory. She holds a PhD in Law from the University of Brasilia.  Register online.

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