Excellence in Teaching: Leslyn Hanakahi

Each year, UIC honors some of its most dedicated and outstanding teachers with the Award for Excellence in Teaching. The winners, who receive a $5,000 salary increase, are selected by past recipients of the award from nominations made by departments and colleges.

Leslyn Hanakahi
Leslyn Hanakahi

Leslyn Hanakahi
associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences

Years at UIC: 10

What does it mean to win an Excellence in Teaching Award?
The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes the transformative power of learning and the pivotal role of the teacher in catalyzing that transformation and sends a message that high-quality teaching is a worthwhile pursuit.

What do you teach?

How do you engage students in your courses?  
By involving students in their own learning through activities or technologies designed to engage students along different channels.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at UIC? 
The almost limitless possibilities for transforming curriculum through development of lectures, courses, and the educational landscape and community within a teaching unit.

What are your research interests? 
DNA repair mechanisms in human cells.

What is your advice to students considering a teaching career? 
Be bold with your creativity; fail often; believe in yourself and keep trying.

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