Expanded funeral/bereavement leave and parental leave

The University of Illinois System is pleased to announce the expansion of funeral/bereavement leave and parental leave for leave benefit-eligible employees. These leave enhancements are effective Aug. 16, 2021.

  • Funeral/Bereavement leave will be expanded to allow for five (5) days of leave after the death of an immediate family member. This applies to deaths occurring on or after 8/16/2021. View the Funeral/Bereavement information online for a list of who is considered an immediate family member.
  • Parental leave is being expanded from up to two (2) weeks of paid leave to up to six (6) weeks of paid leave following the birth, or upon placement or legal adoption of a child under age 18. If the birth or adoption occurs on or between 8/1/21 and 8/15/2021, the employee may receive these extended leave benefits for the remainder of the 6-week benefit beyond 8/16/2021.

For employees covered under a union contract, these benefit changes will be addressed through the collective bargaining process.

For questions about bereavement or parental leave, contact your HR office:

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