Andrew Malone

Visiting assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences


Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone, Visiting Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago (Photo: Jenny Fontaine)

Andrew Malone is visiting assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences in the UIC College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.┬áHe is interested in the relationships between the cryosphere — the frozen part of the earth’s water system — and climate. Malone focuses on how mountain glaciers respond to climate change — both in the past and present — and uses computer models, data analysis, and remote sensing imagery to predict how they will change as the climate warms in the future. He also is advancing methods to infer climate in the past from records of past glacial changes.

Malone is an expert on the tropical Andean glaciers and their evolution to this day.

Subject areas:

  • Paleoclimate
  • Glacial changes
  • Climate change
  • Tropical glaciers


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