Daria Tsoupikova

Professor of digital media design, School of Art & Design


Daria Tsoupikova

Daria Tsoupikova — Photo: Jenny Fontaine

Daria Tsoupikova is associate professor of new media design. Positioned at the crossroads of artistic and technological innovation, Tsoupikova’s research and artwork explore the potential of new media and interactivity in relation to traditional arts. Through the development of virtual reality (VR) art projects and networked multi-user exhibitions for VR projection systems—such as the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE and CAVE2)—her work applies computer graphics art to various research domains, including educational multimedia, cultural heritage and virtual rehabilitation for stroke survivors.

Tsoupikova’s work has been exhibited and published by ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE VR, VIS, ISEA, among many others. Past projects have received funding from the NSF, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) and the Department of Education.

A former Fulbright Scholar, she is currently partnering with the Hand Rehabilitation Laboratory at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago to develop a multi-user virtual environment to aid in hand rehabilitation for stroke survivors. She also earned an MFA in Computer Graphics from Syracuse University.

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