Jon Radosta

Chief Medical Officer, UI Health; Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine


Image of Dr. Jon Radosta, Interim Chief Medical Officer for UI Health

Dr. Jon Radosta

Home to seven public health sciences colleges and the only public general hospital for the state of Illinois, UI Health has a unique focus on health equity and improved quality of life for communities.

As chief medical officer for UI Health, Dr. Jon Radosta can speak to the multiple challenges faced by large health organizations as they strive to optimize outcomes for diverse patient populations. A primary care physician, Radosta has held a number of leadership positions at UI Health focused on improving patient care and outcomes. These include his roles as chief ambulatory medical officer, co-chief medical information officer, senior medical director for managed care and center medical director for internal medicine primary care clinics.  

Radosta oversaw establishment of UI Health’s Post-COVID clinic for patients suffering from long-term effects of COVID-19 and also conducts research on improving public health measures.

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