Kent Hoskins

Associate Professor of Medicine


Kent Hoskins; experts guide

Kent Hoskins— Photo: Jenny Fontaine

As the director of the UIC Familial Breast Cancer Program, Dr. Kent Hoskins focuses on the assessment of breast cancer risk. Utilizing both population studies and molecular approaches, he has developed strategies to reduce breast cancer mortality by better identifying high-risk individuals.

Hoskins also examines the disparity in breast cancer mortality between African American women and those of other racial demographics, paying particular attention to environmental factors that lead to the development of aggressive breast cancer. He strives to understand the ethical, psychosocial and behavioral issues in personalized medicine and cancer risk prediction for minority women.

Hoskins is board-certified in internal medicine with a subspecialty in medical oncology. He is associate professor of medicine in the UIC College of Medicine and a fellow in UIC’s Institute for Health Research and Policy.

Subject areas:

  • Molecular biomarker development
  • Population science
  • Genetic risk factors
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