Maria de los Angeles Torres

Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies; Executive Director, Inter-University Program for Latino Research


Maria de los Angeles Torres — Photo: Jenny Fontaine

In the early 1960’s at the age of 6, Maria de los Angeles Torres was one of over 14,000 Cuban minors sent to the U.S. in “Operation Pedro Pan,” a U.S.-led rescue for children whose parents opposed the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro.

Torres brings a historical and personal perspective to her research on contemporary issues of immigration and citizenship in America. She also has expertise in U.S.-Cuban relations, Latino politics in the U.S., Latin American political thought, and youth politics in the Americas.

She is author of two books, “The Lost Apple: Operation Pedro Pan, Cuban Children in the U.S. and the Promise of a Better Future” and “In the Land of Mirrors: The Politics of Cuban Exiles in the United States.”

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