Maria Varelas

Chair and Professor of Science Education; Co-coordinator of MEd in Science Education and PhD in Mathematics and Science Education


Maria Varelas

Maria Varelas

Maria Varelas is professor of science education at UIC’s department of curriculum and instruction, and an Honors College Faculty Fellow. She co-directs the PhD in mathematics and science education and MEd in science education programs and was the inaugural director of the UIC Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities.

Her research has focused on exploring possibilities and challenges related to student learning when practicing and preservice K-12 teachers consider and practice science education in urban schools aiming at equity and social justice.

With multiyear and multi-collaborator NSF grants totaling over $9 million, Varelas has been working toward changing the master narrative of how students of color in urban schools engage with science and what understandings they could help generate for science education practice and research.

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