Mark Grabiner

Professor, kinesiology and nutrition; bioengineering


Mark Grabiner

Mark Grabiner / Photo: Jenny Fontaine / UIC Office of Public Affairs (click on image for larger file size)

Falls are the largest cause of accidental death in older adults. Mark Grabiner is leading an effort to understand how and why aging makes us more apt to fall and ways to make us less vulnerable.

In clinical trials, Grabiner has trained middle age and older women to avoid falling as a result of tripping.  This has been shown to reduce their risk of sustaining a trip-related fall in everyday life by 50 percent.

Grabiner, professor of kinesiology and nutrition and bioengineering, leads a research effort to study of the influence of aging on movement, characterizing the modifiable mechanisms underlying falls and fall-related injuries in older adults, and translating findings into the design, development and implementation of practical technologies and interventions.

Subject areas

  • Biomechanics
  • Aging
  • Fall prevention
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