Patrisia Macías-Rojas

Associate professor of sociology and Latin American and Latino studies


Patisia Macias-Rojas

Patrisia Macías-Rojas — Photo: Jenny Fontaine

Patrisia Macías-Rojas’ research focuses on the politics surrounding the criminalization, deportation, detention, and incarceration of immigrants on the U.S.–Mexico border. Macías-Rojas studies the effects of the “tough on crime” approaches to border controls on the everyday lives of Border Patrol agents, local law enforcement, civil and human rights advocates, and migrants and residents of predominantly Latina/o border communities. More broadly, her research examines historical, economic, and political links between the immigration and criminal justice systems.

Her recent book, “From Deportation to Prison: The Politics of Immigration Enforcement in Post-Civil Rights America,” analyzes how the politics and policies of civil rights reforms and mass incarceration gave rise to the punitive turn in immigration and border enforcement. “From Deportation to Prison” won the 2017 Oliver Cromwell Cox book award from the American Sociological Association’s Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities.

Subject areas:

  • Civil rights
  • Criminal justice
  • Immigration
  • Law enforcement
  • Migration
  • Race
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