Trevonne Thompson

Professor of Emergency Medicine; Director, Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program


Trevonne Thompson

Dr. Trevonne Thompson (Photo: Jenny Fontaine/UIC)

Dr. Trevonne Thompson has published or spoken on the opioid epidemic, the increase in fentanyl-related deaths, the accuracy of hair tests to detect drug use, and a rare case of suicide in the United States by the poisonous Asian pong-pong seed.

He is professor of emergency medicine and director of the medical toxicology fellowship program in the UIC College of Medicine. His recent research looks at policies to prevent suicide using paraquat, a readily-available herbicide; rare adverse reactions to local anesthetics; and the use of lipid emulsion therapy to treat drug overdoses.

Thompson has written about reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health care and advocates bringing more minority students into the medical field.

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