Fall 2020 building access procedures

Throughout the summer, the Campus Operations task force has been sharing a variety of information about the safety procedures that have been put in place to protect the health of the UIC community. These protections have included restrictions on access to campus buildings. As students, faculty and staff return to campus for the start of the fall semester, please be aware of building access changes that have been put into place as classes resume.

Before arriving on campus each day, you must enter your temperature and complete the personal wellness survey using UIC Healthcheck. This must be done before entering a campus building unless you are part of UI Health, which uses its own screening process. It only needs to be done once a day and is a critically important component of the university’s COVID-19 campus safety plan as well as official university policy.

You will need to use your i-card to gain access to most university buildings. If you are on the east side of the campus, you will be given access to all academic buildings between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Access to buildings on the west side of campus will continue to follow the access control processes that are currently in place.

If you have difficulty gaining access to a building, please contact your college or department, as it is responsible for ensuring that its faculty and staff have card access to buildings. Colleges and departments should then contact buildingaccess@uic.edu for troubleshooting.

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