Fall enrollment breaks records

crowd of students walking on campus

“UIC is at its largest enrollment in the history of the university,” says Kevin Browne, vice provost for academic and enrollment services. (Photo: Elizabeth Monge)

Tenth-day fall enrollment statistics show total enrollment at UIC has grown to a record-breaking high of 29,120 students.

This fall’s class of students includes 17,959 undergraduate, 8,060 graduate and 3,101 professional students.

Last year, total enrollment was 29,048.

“UIC is at its largest enrollment in the history of the university,” said Kevin Browne, vice provost for academic and enrollment services.

Browne noted that the high numbers have been achieved by recruiting and retention initiatives.

“We’re clearly the second-largest university in the state of Illinois, and by far the largest university in the Chicago region,” he said.

Although new freshman enrollment saw a 5.1 percent drop this year, the number was offset by a 24.8 percent increase in undergraduate transfers. Overall, total undergraduate enrollment increased 2.2 percent, from 17,575 in 2015 to 17,959.

The statistics reflect “students making good choices for themselves and their families,” Browne said. “Sometimes, that means starting at another institution and transferring.

“We want to make sure our transfer students have a clear pathway.”

He credits the success to partnerships between the university and community college partners statewide.

A population that has grown for more than five years is the Hispanic demographic, Browne said.  This year, undergraduate Latino enrollment increased 11.1 percent.

The increase is “representing great success in different communities,” Browne said. African American undergraduate student enrollment increased 3.2 percent this year.

The undergraduate racial and ethnic makeup is 31.98 percent white, 30.7 percent Hispanic/Latino, 22.1 percent Asian and 8.2 percent African American. The university’s total racial and ethnic distribution includes 36.1 percent white, 22.6 percent Hispanic/Latino, 18.6 percent Asian and 8 percent African American students.

With more than 95 percent of undergraduate students from Illinois, it’s a “vote of confidence for the university in a year that’s been filled with very disappointing news out of Springfield about the MAP program,” Browne said. “Students are still looking at UIC as both a good value and a great education.”

To see the value of a UIC degree, Browne encourages prospective students and their families to visit the campus during the UIC Open House Saturday.

Guests will be given a tour of the campus while being introduced to campus departments, colleges, financial aid opportunities, student life and events.

First-year early decision applications for fall 2017 are due Nov. 1.

“We’re trending in all of the right directions,” Browne said. “We want the university to grow.”

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