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Sip Coffee House
1223 W. Grand Ave

To cut to the chase: Sip is my favorite coffee shop in all of Chicago. Maybe I should’ve saved this review for last to keep you guys anticipating and wondering, but — as a moral human being — I couldn’t keep this a secret any longer.

I’ve never set foot in a more cozy, comfortable and inviting coffee shop. It’s quite literally a coffee house: complete with tons of couches and sofas tucked away in a corner (if you and your squad want to reenact the couch picture from “Friends”), tables and desks, an upstairs seating area and even a back patio outdoors for when the weather is nice. The outlets are abundant so your laptops and phones can be as charged up as you are while you sip away. Another one of my favorite parts about Sip is the abundant sunlight that radiates through the large windows toward the back of the shop, illuminating the entire space.

Another cool quirk about Sip is the artwork. They rotate the artwork they display around the shop regularly, and all of the artwork featured comes from Chicago artists. The artwork is an excellent complement to the brick walks, popping out to make for a more lively, energetic vibe.

In terms of the coffee, Sip serves Intelligentsia, one of the most well-known coffee brands in Chicago, so you know what you’re in store for in terms of coffee quality. They also offer an array of snacks and food, cookies, pastries and more good eats, so if you end up “accidentally” spending an entire day there, no need to venture far to find something good to eat.

I can probably write five more paragraphs on how wonderful this place is, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it justice. Maybe it’s because the first time I visited I was with two beloved friends, or maybe it’s just because the inviting, warm atmosphere they’ve got going on, but when I think of Sip, I realize there’s no coffee shop I’d rather be. Put Sip on the top of your list next time you’re deciding where to grab your next cup. #farooqscoffeeadventures


Farooq Chaudhry
Farooq Chaudhry is a junior studying sociology and economics. He’s interested in social issues, basketball, and religion. In his free time he loves to read, visit coffee shops, and spend time with his cat, Simba. He hopes to one day work in urban economic development or public policy in Chicago.

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